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My experience with the Eat Right for Your Blood Type diet has been very interesting. Back about 30 years ago I was having some problems with my health. The problem seemed to be coming from food allergies; so I decided that I would get a blood test to see what I might be allergic to. This test cost me approximately $300 back then. As I avoided the problem foods, my health benefited from this tremendously. After about 20 years I came across the book Eat Right for your Type, and was amazed as I noticed that this book on blood type diets were showing that the foods to avoid for my blood type we’re the same foods that was in my $300 test back 30 years ago. I could have saved a bundle of money! I then realized the validity of this book in finding your food allergies.

Be cautious of the  philosophy in the book of type O having to have flesh meat in their diet; I question their reasoning.  I definitely agree with the aspect of the book which tells what foods to avoid for allergies and what foods are best for your blood types though.

You can get the book from Amazon.com for just a penny plus shipping. There is a $5.00 home blood type kit also on amazon to easily find your blood type. May you have success in incorporating these ideas and taking your health into your own hands more. God will lead you as you ask, wait and listen. He is more interested in our well being then we are of ourselves. To your health, Kathie Bauer