The Directors

Les and Kathie Bauer

Les Bauer and Kathie Bauer LMT are the current administrators of WCWC. They each have over 40 years of experience in the nutritional health field, and have also studied and worked under Dr. Charlotte Holmes (now deceased). For 5 years they managed the Holmes’ wellness center, Philadelphian Institute, gaining first-hand experience in the knowledge of lifestyle change benefits, how to identify, use, and prepare herbs, hydrotherapy, raw juicing, and many more simple aids in healing.

Kathie has over 15 years of clinical massage experience, and is a licensed massage therapist. The deep tissue massage is very effective with any muscular pain. When used in conjunction with hydrotherapy and some lifestyle changes the success rate is tremendous for help in relieving sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, neck pain from whiplash, back pain, and much more. Massage is offered upon request.

Les has been conducting power point health lectures for over 30 years all over the United States and overseas. His deep interest in the health work, combined with an attitude to serve those with health needs, has kept him continually searching into what is the best knowledge to be presented to those who want a healthy lifestyle.

What to expect: You can expect your time at WCWC to be like a very relaxing vacation, and you come back to your home vitalized and excited about all the things that you have learned. Your time here will be spent in detoxifying in the sauna, doing clay baths, or other hydrotherapy appropriate for your health condition, getting a massage, walking through the many paths cut through the hills. You will probably, if able, do a little gardening in the extensive flower and organic vegetable gardens during the spring summer and fall. You will attend informative power point health presentations, and also learn how to prepare raw juices and raw food dishes as well as some cooking.  You will leave with an understanding of how to intelligently apply hydrotherapy and sustain the principles of health which you have learned during your stay.