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I must give my wonderful testimony of how God cured my autoimmune disease in 3 weeks.

I had sjogrens syndrome (dry mouth) for about 4.5 months. I came across a website (sorry I did not save the site and cannot find it again:-( which had a Dr. who made a guarantee that in 3-6 months you would be cured of your autoimmune disease; so I decided to take the challenge. He suggested only 4 things:

1. Plant Based Diet

2. Lots of omega 3 and low omega 6

3. Vitamin D pills and sunshine

4. Use an Essential oil to help repair your DNA.


The first one I was already on for over 40 years.

The 2nd one I had to do a little more research on. We were already off of oils and fats in their free and refined state; meaning we only ate whole foods such as sunflowers instead of sunflower oil and olives instead of olive oil. The vegetable oils are mostly high in omega 6 (which constricts the blood vessels) and low in omega 3 (which dilates the blood vessels) so for me to already be off of these was a plus. I researched the nuts and seeds, olives and avocadoes that I was eating to see their omega ratoi and narrowed these down to only the ones that offered high omega 3 and lower 6 or at least a ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 being 4 to 1. This limited my fat to just 4 things! Here they are: flax seed, chia seed, hemp seed and English walnuts. So I consumed only this for my fat for 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks, because I was well, I added the other nuts and seeds but I still use mostly the ones that are high omega 3 seeds. I still use no free oils.

To get my vitamin D I did a sunbath for about 1/2 hr when the sun was high (around noon) and took: Cholecalciferol (a vegan vitamin D3) with one meal a day.

I did not do this one. (essential oil) Not because I do not believe in it, but I just did not have the proper EO at the time.


I healed very fast. One of the reasons why, I believe,  is because of my lifestyle. Not only have I been long term a total vegetarian (plants only) but I eat mostly before 2:00 in the afternoon; this gives your body time to heal when you are sleeping instead of working hard digesting a heavy supper. If you come to one of our retreats here at White Creek (wcwctn.com) you will get to experience all the wonderful health principles that we teach here. We grow much of our organic vegetables and teach people to eat mostly raw food. Our hydrotherapy also speeds up healing and is offered daily as part of the program.