3/4 C.   Green Onions

3/4 C.   Sunflower Seeds (Soaked at least 2 hours)

1 C.       Celery

1/4 C.     Red Onions or other onions if red onions are not available

1 t.        Sea Salt

2 C.       Carrots (Pulverized in Champion or very finely shredded)

1 T.       Onion Powder

2 C.       Alfalfa Sprouts

1 C.      Salad Dressing

1/8 C.      Lemon Juice

Several Collard Green leaves ( for rolling up salad in)

Us a food processor for the first 4 ingredients and whiz until thoroughly pulverized; add all ingredients together in a bowl and then add the salad dressing.  Roll it up in a Collard Green leaf.  Sliced avocado can be added at this time also. Serves 7