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“Our experience at White Creek Wellness Center was so enlightening! Kathie and Les are well informed and very caring. We learned many helpful lifestyle practices that we plan to implement and benefit from for years to come!” – Mike and Gina

“I found our visit very educational and it was a great way of elevating my spirit after the news I had gotten about me having cancer. I enjoyed the food it was delicious and I loved horseback riding. I really appreciated being able to learn how to do all this. Hydrotherapy was great also. I miss it a lot though I have kept going to a sauna. Thank you very much for having allowed us to be in your house and teaching us so much about nutrition, holistic healing and the word of God. I hope you guys are doing well God bless!”  -Sharon

The new eating plan you demonstrated for us is my favorite one so far. I didn’t think I would like just eating two meals per day, but I actually prefer it now that I have tried it for a few weeks now. I feel lighter, more energy, and better focused. You did an excellent job of showing us how we can feast on God’s plentiful and diverse foods. -Marsha

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