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Skin Cancer Testimony:

I would like to give my testimony on how I found out I had cancer, and how God showed me a cure. I was volunteering at WCWC when there were 2 other people there with cancer. They were going to get the Navarro cancer test to monitor their cancer. Because this test gives you the earliest reading possible for having cancer I decided to get it done for myself as a preventative measure. It came back positive for cancer at a reading of 52.6. This was a wake up call for me. I was wondering why I was not feeling as well as usual for the past year. I immediately called around to see if I could get a second test for confirmation. I had lab work done with GenWay Biotec which test for the following cancers:

This came back that I did not have any of these. I still decided to do the things that I know worked for others with cancer. I did a month long of eating only raw fresh fruits and veggies and some nuts and seeds. I did two 3 day sessions of only raw juices, walked 2 miles a day, did infrared saunas, and did some herbs and supplements. After 3 months I decided to see if I was out of the woods yet; so I did the Navarro test again. It came back 52.2, that was better but not gone. The Navarro Clinic says that under 49 is a negative or doubtful reading. Though I was better, I was not fond of the raw food only diet and juices. So I just quit the all raw food program, except for exercising, and buckled up on my healthy vegan diet; then took the test again after 6 weeks hoping to see an improvement  anyway. The test came back still at 52.2, no change. This proved to me that the all raw diet really works for cancer. I began to think that it might be a form of skin cancer for I did have a few little sores that were not healing’ and skin cancer was not listed in the above test from GenWay.  One of the sores was a flat little read spot and the other was a raised tiny mole. They itched and sometimes hurt when I scratched them. I asked Navarro if their test would come back positive with skin cancer, and they said yes. I had an idea that I would put some black salve, which is known to heal skin cancer, on the spots to see if they would react as cancer. Because of my volunteer work at WCWC and working directly with someone with sarcoma cancer and helping her put black salve on herself, I had learned that black salve will not eat a hole in the skin if it is not cancer. We played around with the salve while I was there with several people and experimented. Because this lady had cancer we saw first hand that if there was cancer where you put the salve it would kill the cancer and within 2-6 weeks the body would push it out. If you do not have cancer it will not kill the tissue; black salve only kills cancerous tissue. Thank God for the blood root, (killing property in the black salve),  that goes after the cancer. So I got some black salve and put it on the spots and here pictured below are my results.  I forgot to take the picture of them before I started but it starts with the 1st day. The upper one on my back I started with a weaker salve that did not have enough zinc in it and then after 2 days used the stronger one. That is why the upper one’s process took longer. The lower one I started at day 1 with the strong salve. In the pictures U is for upper and L is for lower. The last picture was taken 1/8/2012 and I will update the rest of the story soon.

These rows of Pictures are two different spots.


I will be getting another Navarro test soon and will update the information on that. I am thankful to go through all of this so that I may help others to see that there is hope in God’s natural remedies.

2/14/2012 Update: Just got my Navarro test results back and yes, the black salve process did lower the numbers on the Navarro test to 51.8 Yea!  I praise God for showing me the Navarro test so that I could detect my cancer early, and for the black salve, that kills the cancer.

7/11/2012 Navarro test at 51.4  After 50 days of all raw food the numbers are still coming down and I am feeling great with much energy.

1/21/2016 still no more skin cancer.

For more info on how to use the black salve, and to make your own black salve, here is the site:

Kathleen from Ohio

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