Lyme Disease

There is much said on the Internet about how Lyme disease can be an epidemic, can be a chronic condition, and how people contract it. I will not go into that part of it, but if you have not heard this aspect of the disease I would suggest you watch the documentary called: Under Our Skin. I will relate my experience here that others may see that it can be healed with natural remedies.

I had Lyme disease for a little over 2 years before I knew it was Lyme. By that time I had almost died. I was completely paralyzed, I could not walk or feed myself, and went down to 85 lbs. When I found out that it was Lyme disease I searched for a natural remedy and was assured by many that  antibiotics was the only answer. I had not used any drug medication for 30 years and have used herbal remedies and hydrotherapy for all of our family’s needs. With 4 daughters and all home births we had plenty of experiences to see the wonderful healing of natural remedies. Against my deepest desire I took antibiotics for about 8 days. As I started feeling better I then researched more and found that there were people getting well using what is called fever therapy. I quit the antibiotics and started this therapy. I believe it was this that brought back my health within 5 months. Along with this I was a very health minded vegan, and still am. So because of this I  had a good diet along with exercise, sunshine and a strong faith in God and His natural remedies.

I want to share how I did the fever therapy. There are many different suggestions on how to do fever therapy. I have tried most of them and for me they were all too harsh except for one which I will relate here. Do not do this therapy unless you have qualified assistance. I could not afford a doctor but had good connections and advice from a friend who was under a doctor that was treating her with fever therapy. The fever therapy not only kills the bacteria but increases the white blood cells, and the white blood cells attack the bacteria also. When I first started the therapy I could not get the internal fever temperature as high as it was called for, so I had to keep trying daily to get my temperature higher each time , and after  about 4 tries, succeeded to get the recommended temperature of 103. And was able thereafter to get it there.

To do the therapy you sit in a bathtub of water with the initial temperature anywhere from 106-108. I duck taped the over-drain so that I could fill the tub at max. I Kept a bowl of water with ice in it to dip a cloth in and placed it on my head keeping it cool. I use two good waterproof digital thermometer; one for my mouth and one to check the water in the tub. Though the water is initially 106-108, after you get in the water will cool, then throughout the remaining time in the tub I Keep the water from to 105-106. As soon as my internal temperature reaches 103 I get out and take a cool shower and go to bed. I do not do this alone. If I get dizzy, I get out of the tub, and try it some other time. I make sure I am drinking a lot of water before, and after the fever therapy.  I drink about 3-4 quarts total each day. I did this for a 3 week period, and during the 3 weeks I took a 2 day break every 5 days. Then I did it once a week for a few weeks and then once a month for the rest of my life.

Please Google fever therapy, hyperthermia, or fever treatments and read all of the good results that are obtained for Lyme by doing them. Some scientist say that the spirochetes are destroyed at 103 and their reproduction is inhibited at 100.5; another Dr. says that antibiotics ability to destroy the Lyme is multiplied 16 times by doing the fever therapy. Please do your research.

You do not have to battle this disease for years to come. I am pain free for 10 years now and still doing well. I still do a fever therapy about once per month; it keeps most of the cold and flu bugs away. My daughter also contracted Lyme disease about 4 years ago. It has not been such an easy cure for her because she has problems getting her temperature up. We have found help in other areas for her such as the rife machine, liver cleanse, (getting the stones out of the liver); a good book on this is, “The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse.” Also oil pulling has been helpful, with hot and cold contrasting baths, infrared saunas, herbal antibiotics, and a good vegan diet.

This is a good article on neurotoxin overload.

Oil Pulling for Lyme disease:  You need to scroll down on the site to read the Oil Pulling section.


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