We are happy to provide this 15 step list for those inquiring what lifestyle changes will benefit diabetes. Diabetes is easily helped with lifestyle changes. It has been proven over and over again by many health educators and their willing students, that healthy habits are the answer. Our experience here at WCWC has shown, that those who follow this program have their blood sugar level balanced within 5 days to 2 weeks. When changing your lifestyle be sure to check your blood sugar often, and adjust the insulin accordingly! If you are not able to do this you may have an insulin reaction. On this program your need for insulin will drastically drop. Have a health care provider help you with this.

As you read the following list, you will see that the program can seem overwhelming. This is why we offer a place for people to come for a week or two; so that they can be where everyone is together in this healing journey. We eat together, prepare food together, exercise together, acquiring  good habits together; thus making it easier to get into the program and continue it at home.

We suggest that your spouse and if possible, whole family come to WCWC. This will enable you, as a family, to implement these lifestyle changes together with understanding and harmony.

This list does not provide you with the reasons of why the lifestyle program works; to get the fine details we suggest you to come for a week or two and attend our power-point lectures we have almost every evening.

We will start this list with the beginning of the day:

1. Keep on a schedule, even on the weekend. Eating and sleeping at the same time every day. The following time schedule is only a suggestion. This is our schedule at WCWC on standard time.

2. Arise at 6:30 Drink 1 quart of water. Add lemon if desired.

3. 7:00 Walk or exercise. Exercise is 70% of healing of disease and prevention of disease.

4. 8:00 Breakfast: 3-4 fruits with a small amount of nuts and seeds; eat the raw food first then eat some form of cooked whole grains. The fruits should not be the very sweet ones in large amounts; the best for getting well are the low-sweet fruits and they are: all the berries, kiwis, granny smith apples, and grapefruit. In your breakfasts, include on some of the days, papayas, pineapple, mango, persimmons, pomegranates, pears, cherries, etc. Make sure not to have too many combinations of fruits and nuts during the meal, but a good variety throughout the week. Simplicity is best. Your food should be 70-80 % raw and no more than 30 % cooked food. Dried fruit and sweeteners, even maple syrup, honey or any natural sugar, should be avoided until blood sugar levels are under control. Try grinding up your nuts, flax seed and other seeds in a grinder and sprinkling them on your fruit. Since you are not eating refined oil, it is important to get some fat from the nuts and seeds in small amounts daily.

5. Use only whole foods. No refined foods such as white flour, white sugar, white rice, oil, etc. Oil is becoming recognized as a cause for diabetes as much as sugar is. http://www.ener-chi.com/refined-fats-and-oils-delicious-poisons-that-every-diabetic-must-avoid/ Get your fats from eating whole nuts, seeds, olives, and avocadoes, not oil. Tofu and store bought vegan milks are also refined because the fiber is taken out and should be used is small amounts. Make your own almond or nut milks if possible and do not strain the fiber out of the milk. To sweeten the milk for diabetics little use a small amounts of whole dates.

6. Eat nothing between meals. And leave 5-6 hours between meals.

7. Exercise or walk 3-4 times daily until blood sugar levels are normal.

8. 11:00-1:00 get in another quart of water. Don’t drink water with your meals, this dilutes your digestive fluids and hinders digestion.  Stop drinking water 1 hour before meals until 2 hours after meals.

9. 1:30 Lunch: This meal should also be more raw food than cooked. Make a large salad with not too many combinations but have a wide variety throughout the week. Use the oil free salad dressings or avocado and lemon. Beans are a very good food and there are many different types of beans to enjoy. Limit the white potatoes and wheat bread to small amounts or not at all. Wheat is not the best bread. If you want bread, get some millet bread from Deland Bakery in FL, they will ship it to you if you are not too far. Ezekiel bread is also good. Eat a few nuts if you did not get them blended up in your salad dressing.

10. Exercise or walk again in the afternoon and drink another quart of water.

11. Eat no supper at all. Not even a piece of fruit. Your body heals when sleeping; if you go to bed with an empty stomach than your body can center its energy on healing and not digesting your food. Digestion slows down to half speed while lying down, and digestion puts more exertion on the body than any other activity you can do. Also with no supper you most likely can skip your evening  insulin. Yea!!!

12. Lights out by 9:30 standard time.

13. A liver cleanse is a great aid in helping the pancreas. The book, The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse explains how gallstones can block the pancreas ducts. There is a section in this book explaining it. The pancreas is what controls the sugar in the blood. See more information on the liver cleanse in the free info section.

14. Here are the herbs, according to Dr. Christopher, that are good for the pancreas: 1 part Uva Ursi, 1 part Goldenseal, 1 part Elecampane, 1 part Fennel, 1part Ginger, 1 part Gymnema Sylvestris, 2 parts Dandelion Root, 2 parts Cedar Berries or Ginkgo. A good place to get these herbs in bulk is www.herbalcom.com.

15. Take a full body sun bath daily. 30 minutes at least. From 11:00 to 1:00 in the winter, but in the heat of the summer avoid the time between 11:00-2:00 or shorten the time your are exposed in this time. It has been proven that sunbaths lower blood sugar. We have tested it here and proved the theory by testing the blood before and after with consistent results of lower it by 7 %.

After a few weeks of doing this strict program your blood sugar should level out, then you may add a little, natural sweeteners, potatoes, sweet fruits and dried fruit. The rest of the program is something that should be kept up throughout your life. You can probably back off the exercise at that time to one time daily.  Vegan oil free recipes can be found by typing it into Google. Example, type in: “Vegan oil free potato soup.” Also see our recipe page, we add new recipes often. We also have some oil free recipe books available here to purchase. For diabetics, oil is just as bad for you as sugar. We believe that the oil free diet, which we incorporate here, is one of the main reasons why we have seen such great success lowering blood sugar and blood pressure. The recent study by Vogel has revealed that olive oil constricts blood vessels. http://www.thevegetariansite.com/health_oliveoil.htm

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