The Liver Cleanse


Following is a picture of some my (Kathie’s) first stones and  the actual cleanse written out, taken from Andreas M oritz book called, The Liver And Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse. I suggest you order the book and share this information with those you love. Amazon has it for a very nice price.

Some of My First Stones



Drink 32ozs of room temperature apple juice in small amounts throughout each day for six days before the actual cleans. Do not eat or drink anything cold during these days.



(This next paragraph of information is optional at WCWC because the Epsom salts do a good job of cleaning out the bowels; but it is necessary if you are constipated)

Make sure that you cleanse your  colon before and  after you do a liver  cleanse: Having  regular  bowel movements  is not  necessarily an  indication that your  bowel  is unobstructed.  Colon cleansing done either a few days before or, ideally, on the sixth day of preparation, helps to  avoid or  minimize any discomfort or  nausea that  may arise during the actual liver cleanse. It prevents back-flushing of the oil mixture or waste products from  the intestinal tract into the  stomach. It also assists the body in swiftly eliminating the gallstones. Colonic irrigation  (colon hydrotherapy)  is  the   fastest and easiest method to  prepare the  colon for the liver cleanse. Colema-board irrigation is the second most preferable method.

What you need to do on the sixth day of drinking apple juice:

Drink all the 32 ounces of apple juice in the morning. You may start drinking the juice soon after awakening. If you feel hungry in the morning, eat a light breakfast, such as a hot cereal: oatmeal would be an ideal choice.  Avoid sugar or other sweeteners, spices, milk, butter, oils, yogurt, cheese, ham, eggs, nuts, pastries,cold cereals, and the like.  Fruit or fruit juices are fine. For lunch eat plain cooked or steamed vegetables with white rice (preferably basmati rice) and flavor it with a little unrefined sea or rock salt. To repeat, do not eat any protein foods, butter, or oil, or you might feel ill during the actual cleanse. Do not eat or drink anything (except water) after 1:30pm otherwise you may have difficulties passing stones Follow the exact schedule below.


The Actual Cleanse starting on the sixth day


6:00p.m.  Add 4 tablespoons of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) to a total of 24 ounces (three 8-oz. glasses) of filtered water in a jar. This makes four 6-oz servings. Drink your first portion 3 / 4 glass) now.  You  may take a few sips of water afterward to neutralize the bitter taste in your mouth, or may add a little lemon juice to improve the taste. Some people drink it with a large plastic straw to bypass the taste buds on the tongue. Closing the nostrils while drinking it works well for most people. It is also helpful to brush your teeth afterward or rinse out the mouth with baking soda. One of the main actions of Epsom salt is to dilate (widen) the bile ducts making it easy for the stones to pass.  Moreover the salts clear out waste that may obstruct the release of the stones. (If you are allergic to Epsom salts or are just not able to get them down, you may instead use    the second best choice-magnesium citrate at the same dosage.)  Set out the citrus fruit that you will be using later so that it can warmed to room temperature.

8:00 p.m. Drink your second serving 3/4  glass) of Epsom salts.

9:30p.m.  If you have not had a bowel movement until now and have not done a colon cleanse within the  past 24 hours, take a water enema; this will trigger a series of bowel movements.

9:4.5 p.m.Thoroughly wash the grapefruits (or lemons, or oranges). Squeeze them by hand and remove the pulp. You will need 3/4 glass of juice. Pour the juice and ½ glass of olive oil into the pint jar. Close the jar tightly and shake hard about 20 times or until the solution is watery. Ideally you should drink this mixture at 10:00 p. m. but if you feel you still need to visit the bathroom a few more times, you may delay this  step for up to 10 minutes.

10:00 p.m.   Stand next to your bed (do not sit down) and drink the concoction, if possible, without interruption. Some people prefer to drink it through a large plastic straw. Drinking it while keeping the nostrils closed seems to work best. If necessary, use a little honey between sips, which helps the mixture go down more smoothly. Most people, though have no problem drinking in one go. Do not take more than 5 minutes for this (only elderly or weak people may take longer).


This is essential for helping to release the gall stones! Turn off the lights and lie flat on your back with one or two pillows propping your head up. Your head should he higher than your abdomen. If this is uncomfortable, lie on your right side with your knees pulled toward your head. Lie perfectly still for at least 20 minutes, and try not to speak!  Put your attention on your liver. Some people find it beneficial to place a castor oil pack over the liver area.  You may feel the stones traveling along the bile ducts like marbles.  There won’t be any spasms or pain because the magnesium in the Epsom salts keeps the bile duct valves wide open and relaxed and the bile that is excreted along with the stones keeps the bile ducts well lubricated. (This is very different than in the case of a gallstone attack where magnesium and bile are not present.) Go to sleep if you can.

If at any time during the night you feel the urge to have a bowel movement, do so. Check if there are already small gallstones (pea green or tan-colored ones) floating in the toilet. You may feel nauseated during the night and or in the early morning hours. This is mostly due to a strong, sudden outpouring of gallstones and toxin from the liver and gallbladder, pushing the oil mixture back into the stomach. The nausea will pass as the morning progresses.

The Following Morning

6:00-6:30 a.m.   Upon awakening, but not before 6:00 a.m drink your third ¾ glass of Epsom salts (if you feel very thirsty, drink a glass of warm water before taking the salts).  Rest, read, or meditate. If you are sleepy, you may go back to bed, although it is best if the body stays in an upright position. Most people  feel fine and prefer to do some light exercises.

8:008:30 a .m.  Drink your fourth and last ¾ glass of Epsom salts.

10:00-10:30 a.m. You may drink freshly pressed fruit juice at this time. One half hour later, you may eat one or two pieces of fresh fruit.  One hour later you may eat regular (but light) food. By the evening or the next morning you should be back to  normal and feel the first signs of improvement. Continue to eat light meals during the following 2-3 days.

Remember, your liver and gallbladder has undergone major surgery,  albeit without the harmful side effects or the expense.

Note: Drink  water whenever you are  thirsty,  except right  after  drinking  the Epsom  salts and  for the first two hours after  drinking the oil mixture.

The Results You Can Expect

During the morning and, perhaps, afternoon hours following the liver cleanse, you will have a  number of watery bowel movements. These initially consist of gallstones mixed with food residue, and then just stones mixed with water.  Most of the gallstones are pea- green and float in the toilet because they contain bile compounds. The stones will be in different shades of green and may be bright-colored and shiny like gemstones. Only bile from the liver can cause this green  color.

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