Vegan Lasagna

Layer as follows:

Tomato Sauce or a combination of fresh and dried tomatoes that have been blended;  then mix in some salt, basal, fresh pressed garlic and a little honey. Make sure the dried tomatoes do not make it too thick. You need moisture for the noodles to cook in.

Uncooked Tinkyada  Brown Rice Lasagna Noodles or Whole Grain Lasagna Noodles

About 6 Basal leaves per 10 X 10 inch baking dish (Optional)

Thinly Sliced unseasoned Tofu

A Sprinkling of Salt

Grilled plain unseasoned eggplant or several leaves of chard (optional)

Cashew Cheese (this recipe is given under sauces) Make it a little runny for the noodles to soak up.

Repeat this 3 times and then add to the sides of the dish about 1/4 cup of water, (this is for the noodles to soak up.

Cook for 15 min at 375 and then turn down to 350 for 45- 60 min. or until noodles are soft.



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